This open plan office space is located in a strategic location, fully fenced with parking space,the office space is situated in a commercial environment and very suitable for any kind of commercial purpose.
general gas - akobo rd. ibadan oyo
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Akobo, Commercial rent
OTHER RENTS AND PRICING RENTS AT KAYFTY PROPERTY SLOT 1 1) A 4 Bedroom Duplex At Kolapo Ishola Estate All Rooms en-suit @850k 2) A 3 Bedroom Bungalow At Yawuri, Akobo @250k 3) A 4 Bedroom Duplex Fully Furnished and Serviced Apartment in Kolapo Ishola Estate @2.5m 4) A 2 Bedroom Flat At Alewi-Odo @180k 5) A 4 Bedroom Duplex At Bodija @400k 6) 3 Bedroom Apartment At General Gas 7) An Office space At General Gas @350k 8) An Office space At Alegongo, Akobo @250k 7) 4 Bedroom Twin Bungalow At Akala Way @400k 8) 2Bedroom Flat At Akala Way @250k 9) 4 Bedroom Duplex At Akala Way @700k, @750k & @800k 10) 3 Bedroom Flat At Akala Way @750k 11) 3 Bedroom Twin Bungalow At Omolayo @350k 12) 4 Bedroom Duplex At Kolapo Ishola GRA @1.3m 13) 3 Bedroom Flat At Kolapo Ishola GRA @750k 14) 5 Bedroom Duplex With BQ For Rent At General Gas, Axis Ibadan @1m 15) 5 Bedroom Duplex With 4 Bath And 4 Toilet For Rent At General Gas Axis, Ibadan @800k 16) 3Bedroom Flat With 2Toilets & Bath,tiled At Tella For Rent @200. 17) 3Bedroom Flat With 3Toilets/3Bath, tiled At Baptist For Rent @400. 18) 2Bedroom With 3Toilets & 2Bath, tiled At Olopo meji For Rent @320. 19) 3Bedroom Flat At Nickdel @250. 20) 3Bedroom Flat With 1Toilet/1Bath At Omolayo, Akobo @200, @150. 21) A Room & Parlour Self-Contain At Baptist Akobo @250, @150. CONTACTS TEL: 08088501800 WhatsApp: 08088501800 Published : Jul 05, 2018
3 rooms
500 m²
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